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I'm AskTery, a Chatbot

AskTery Chatbot can be defined as an AI based computer program that simulates human conversations.

AskTery Chatbot also known as digital assistant, understand human capabilities, interpret and process the user requests and give prompt relevant answers.

It is just like your hotel representative. AskTery Chatbot on the website takes your website to the next technology level. It provides you with all hotel information on your fingertips.

AskTery Chatbot saves your valuable and often limited time searching. All of your questions and concerns get easily attended.

It can be extremely helpful with limited manpower to keep a live representative 24/7.

Using AskTery Chatbot, we can track and monitor visitor's questions, repeated areas which we can highlight more or if issues we can resolve. It gives 100% attention to every website visitor. It can also help navigate customers through your website.

Reduce Website Navigation Time
AskTery reduces visitor’s website navigation time.
Fully Responsive
AskTery is a fully responsive chatbot
Improves User Engagement
AskTery gives personalized experience and is available 24/7


Features of AskTery?


Automate Customer Service With A Website Chatbot

Add our chatbot to your website and automate your customer service. Don't keep your customers waiting. Our AskTery chatbot will answer their questions instantly and effectively.

Begin with your first chatbot today and see the difference.


Automate Customer Service With A Whatsapp Chatbot

Get your Business Whatsapp number chatbot ready! It's easy to access and contact our customers on whatsapp. Add whatsapp chatbot and our Tery will answer to your client's question any time of the day.

Begin with your first chatbot today and see the difference.


Automate Customer Service With A Facebook Chatbot

Automate your Facebook Messenger with the Facebook chatbot. As we are connected on Facebook, get more connected with your cutomers via AskTery Facebook Chatbot.

Begin with your first chatbot today and see the difference.

No Human Involvement

No need to worry about many resources. If you use a chatbot for a website then zero human interaction is needed



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